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Starling Book Hardcover

Starling Book Hardcover

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176 page hard cover canvas bound 30x24 cm. coffee table book. Printed on 3 different types of paper at Narayana Press in Denmark. Designed by Rasmus Koch studio. Featuring 138 new works.

 Starling is the follow up to Søren Solkær’s international bestselling book Black Sun that explored his return to the landscape of his childhood in Southern Denmark. In this book he continues his photographic investigation into the migration of the starling (Sturnus vulgaris) from Ireland, along the Wadden Sea in Denmark and the Netherlands and to Sardinia and Rome, Italy. In addition to capturing mesmerising starling murmurations, he has also created two new series of photographs of starling feathers photographed through a microscope.

 Inspired by calligraphy and Japanese wood cuts, Søren has created a series of graphic images featuring the landscape and great flocks of starlings. The starlings move as one unified organism that vigorously opposes any outside threat. The graphic and organic shapes of the starling murmurations range from meditative to highly dramatic as they perform their incredible ballet of life and death

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