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Fabbri Candied Ginger in Syrup

Fabbri Candied Ginger in Syrup

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Featuring a phenomenal, sweet and mildly spicy ginger flavor, this Fabbri 8 oz. candied ginger in syrup will take your menu items to a whole new level. Crafted with ginger that is naturally sourced in Southeast Asia, this high-quality candied ginger is ideal for baking with or using to garnish drinks and desserts. This juicy candied ginger is particularly useful for topping decadent desserts like rich cheesecakes, flavorful frozen yogurt, and beautifully-decorated frosted cupcakes. Add it to a variety of cocktails, including Moscow Mules, ginger martinis, and house made specialty ginger drinks for a high end experience that will keep the orders coming. Guests of all ages will enjoy it as a garnish on ginger beer for its pleasing texture and indulgent flavor in a non-alcoholic drink! From your most popular ice cream flavors to specialty drinks and cocktails, cakes, and cheesecakes, this candied ginger can be used just about anywhere.

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