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Anabel Aram Bamboo Enameled Hinged Bangle

Anabel Aram Bamboo Enameled Hinged Bangle

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Anabel Aram Bracelet

Elevate your everyday looks with the radiant allure of this bamboo hinged bangle, now in 4 new beautiful hand painted enamel colors. Crafted from sumptuous 18k gold-dipped brass, the bangle is sculpted to perfection, adorned with sparkling crystals that catch the light with every movement. Its secure hidden clasp, reminiscent of the finest jewelry craftsmanship, ensures both elegance and ease of wear, making it a refined accessory for any occasion. In the realm of accessories, this bamboo hinged bangle stands out as an exceptional piece of artistry. The intricacy of the sculpted design and the shimmering crystals culminate in a perfect union of glamour and versatility. The hidden clasp adds an element of mystery and refinement, making this bangle a stunning addition to your collection. Whether paired with casual or formal attire, it promises to be the perfect touch of sophistication, adding a radiant sparkle to your daily ensembles.

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